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Our Features

i-quad is branched out to several domains, we have experianced developers and experts who have worked on these insdutries.

Embedded Development

We are Developing Embedded software for Microcontroller like ARM-cortex,msp430,PIC and 8051.

App Development

Design and implement information systems and also related applications database application, interface design, application for mobile devices are also developed.

VLSI Design

Analog and RF mixed signal design, Synthesis, DFT and test, Verification (simulation and formal)

Web application Development

Design and implement information systems and also related applications, database application, interface design, application for web based systems are also developed.

Industrial Projects

ALl kind of application for Industrial level quality products will be developed and we accept and help you develop the products based on your requiremts.

Student Projects

Students academic projects will be assited for your final semester, we will build your protype and we will make sure you have understood the concepts.

Quick Software Overview

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We are Developing Embedded software for Microcontroller like ARM-cortex,msp430,PIC and 8051. We are working with Modules like GSM,GPS,Load Cell,Pressure Sensor and all the Degital Sensors. and we are providing automation solutions for all kind of process industries
Analog and RF mixed signal design, Synthesis, DFT and test, Verification (simulation and formal), Design for manufacturability and yield, Power analysis and low-power design, Thermal analysis and temperature aware design, Physical design, packaging and board design, technology CAD, CMOS sensors and MEMS, nanoscale computing and nano-electronics, High performance computing, Multi-core and parallel architectures, Networks-on-chip, FPGA-based design.
I-quad helps to develop, design and implement information systems and also related applications database application, interface design, application for web based systems & programming are also developed.Our application development services help you to address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements.
We provide turnkey Web Solutions to various kinds of businesses operating worldwide. Our websites are unique and eye-catching, designed by using latest web designing tools which empowers our customers to represent themselves online confidently in the global arena to generate more revenue.



Building Tomorrow's Education Enterprise Ask what technology can do for education, and a never-before-possible future unfolds — pervasive classrooms, faster learning, and most importantly: the ability to track performance and results across the system – for students, educators and management alike. However, institutions today are preparing to face their toughest tests yet — regulation and disruption. The answers: a new school of thought, best-in-class technology, and the right strategy.
Challenges & Opportunities Realizing the promise of virtual colleges: New technologies, coupled with changing attitudes and student profiles have broken barriers to integrate everyone from parents and faculty to third-party information providers and regulators. Social media, instructional design and collaborative platforms are just some of the ways to stay ahead in this learning revolution.
Student mobilityHigher education has gone global. So have students. As they pursue learning internationally, competing for their talent is creating new business models — increased acquisitions from private institutions, international partnerships and the opening of overseas 'branch campuses'.
Satisfying the new 'avatar' of students The expectations are endless. And justifiably so. In addition to demanding digital learning, students also expect institutions to round their skills and make them 'corporate-ready'. Institutions that can provide this edge, and more, will get closer to keeping their classrooms full.
Increased regulation The call for more accountability in terms of student success and employability is changing core institutional processes around student management, administration and marketing. The need? New metrics and tracking mechanisms that can help demonstrate proof of 'value addition'

How I-Quad Delivers Business Value I-Quad blends expertise in consulting, technology and sourcing to deliver solutions that address industry challenges, while enhancing quality at optimal cost efficiencies. We deliver measurable business value in three ways: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations.

Building Tomorrow's Manufacturing Enterprise In an industry that creates equipment to make things simpler for others, the information technology that enterprises use should make work simpler for them. This calls for just-in-time insights, on-demand visibility and off-the-line innovation.
As consumer spending in emerging economies expands, new demand centers and centers of manufacturing excellence and innovation are rising as hotspots. To break the mold, manufacturers need to meet industry forces head-on in their complex make-to-order, make-to-stock and configure-to-order requirements market.

Challenges & Opportunities
Intense competition Manufacturers have to develop, source, make and deliver based on best cost and best talent decisions. Additionally, the regulatory environment enforces flexible controls across the enterprise.
Supply chain complexity The traditional supply chain has broken. Companies are increasingly procuring from low-cost centers that are becoming increasingly interesting and popular. This is also resulting in highly complex supply chains that are difficult to manage and optimize.
Realizing value from technology investments While technology can enable flexibility in global operations and support transformational initiatives, manufacturers struggle to justify their investments to simplify and standardize their business systems and technological support organizations.

How I-Quad Delivers Business Value I-Quad is helping industrial manufacturing clients engineer outcomes that are built to last by addressing challenges in three ways: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations.

The Transportation industry has often been a reflection of the global economy, more so because it is one of the industries whose growth has been directly linked to globalization. While it has grown multi-fold due to this, it has faced troubled times during the downturn.

To survive and prosper in a volatile economy, Airlines and Travel companies must display a firm commitment to three primary areas - customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and innovation. Travel service providers need to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency to stay competitive and to increase customer retention.

Logistics players are witnessing substantial drop in transportation spend, cargo volumes and pricing pressures and modal shift towards low cost transportation modes. Logistics players have initiated multiple measures like network rationalization, process standardization, application rationalization, developing standard logistics platforms, consolidating and outsourcing back office operations.

How I-Quad Delivers Business Value I-Quad is helping the industry leaders realize benefits from numerous high-performance endeavors in Travel and Logistics. We help enhance business competitiveness by providing customer-centric, cost-effective IT solutions and services. These solutions address the core business problems and provide competitive edge to global leaders of Travel and Transportation industry. To ensure continuous industry focus, we are aligned towards the Travel and Logistics sector to cater to the specific needs of each one of them.

Today retailers must use technology to ensure growth even through an uncertain economic environment

Retail has been subject to considerable change in the last few years. Average incomes have gone down modifying buying habits. The fundamental shift in consumer purchase behavior has led to cascading change. Luxury brands have launched their own stores, private label goods are finding buyers, channels have proliferated, targeting customers has become more difficult and the number of SKUs in a store is impossible to manage without technology.

Retailers must address these and a number of other issues to power growth. They need to use technology for operational excellence, manage regional preferences, improve customer satisfaction, and expose store merchandizing trends in real time for smarter business decisions.

How I-Quad Delivers Business Value

I-Quad 's retail experience with global customers across geographies provides outstanding customer-centric insight and project execution skills. Our focus is to integrate legacy investments and future proof systems used to manage operations, CRM, shrinkage, ERP, data warehousing, predictive data analytics and price optimization.

I-Quad's capabilities span grocery, fashion, and health and wellness retailing. We are an Oracle Retail Tier 1 Partner and are the most successful integrators of Oracle Retail solutions. We work with domain specialists through our Centers of Excellence ensuring that our customers deliver higher levels of profitability through their technology investments.

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